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Financial Workshops for Regional Women

8 Mar 2016 2:50 PM -

Last week I was fortunate enough to take part in Geraldton’s first Financial Workshops for Regional Women program run by 10 Thousand Girl. The program was facilitated by Zoe Lamont from 10 Thousand girl, assisted by local advisers:

Over 60 women attended the workshop which covered basic asset classes (cash, shares, property), investment risk, diversification, dollar cost averaging, superannuation, life insurance and estate planning. There were also opportunities for participants to consider their life and financial goals and to prepare an action plan. The day ended with a Q&A session with the local panelists.

Participants were also offered the opportunity to take part in a 6 Step Money Makeover program to get their finances completely sorted. As Zoe said, “it’s liberating”.

To learn more about 10thousand girl visit their website The story is compelling:

“10thousandgirl is a not for profit organisation started by a group of women in a Sydney pub in 2009. The girls quickly realised the importance and long term benefit of having a plan and understanding finance basics so they could make their plans happen. More and more women started to come. In March 2011 the campaign formally established a board of directors, laid governance in place and has grown to educate 1000’s of women across Australia every year with the initiative attracting national and more recently global recognition in their bid to contribute to increasing the well-being and economic health of women.”

L-R: Ross Jones, Zoe Lamont, Christina Ware, Lisa Farnell and Robin Taylor.

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