Ethical Investing

Lisa Greeve has been certified by the Responsible Investments Association of Australasia (RIAA) according to the strict disclosure requirements under the Responsible Investment Certification Program.

The Certified Sustainable Investment symbol signifies that an investment product or service takes environmental, social, ethical or governance considerations into account along with financial returns.

What is “Responsible Investment”?

Responsible investment is an umbrella term used to describe an investment process which takes environmental, social, governance or ethical considerations into account. This process stands in addition to (or is incorporated into) the usual fundamental investment selection and management process.

There are a range of terms used today to describe the products or services available for people who want to invest in line with their values. Many of these terms will be familiar such as ethical investment, green investment, sustainable investment, socially responsible investment, clean technology investment or “SRI”.

RIAA uses responsible investment as the overarching term to refer to the “family” of products and services which take environmental, social, governance or ethical issues into account.

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