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Financial Solutions Geraldton prides itself in the quality of advice and service it provides its clients with a full range of financial planning services under a fee for service model.

First appointment

The charge for the first appointment is $90.00. Should you proceed with full advice, this fee will be waived. 

Engagement Fee

The service fee applicable to the provision of initial advice is agreed between us at our initial meeting and depends on the complexity of your situation and the advice sought. This fee, which is inclusive of GST, will be payable by cheque, credit card or deduction from the nominated bank account or administration service at the time of implementing our recommendations.

Ongoing advice

The fee for ongoing service will be agreed between us  and is payable annually in advance, quarterly in advance, or monthly in arrears by cheque, or deduction from the nominated bank account or administration service. The fee will depend on your ongoing needs and complexity of ongoing advice required.

Hourly Rate

Activities not covered by the ongoing service fee will be charged at $330.00 per hour or part thereof.


All initial commissions payable to FYG Planners Pty Ltd on the placement of investments will be rebated to you in the form of additional investment units.

Insurance Commission

In some situations we may elect to take commission on insurance products if this is in the client's best interests.

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