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15 Apr 2015 12:38 PM - Greeve & Associates is delighted to have been admitted to the Most Trusted Adviser Network
More good news, we have recently been through the Beddoes benchmarking survey and are delighted to have been named a Most Trusted Adviser. The details are included in the following press release...

Greeve & Associates Principal, Lisa Greeve has been named a Most Trusted Adviser in Australia by their clients in research conducted by Beddoes Institute, a data and benchmarking company that works across all major stakeholder groups in the financial services sector.

Beddoes Institute has analysed thousands of client ratings from a survey of over 200 advisers, including Ms Greeve, and identified an objective benchmark of exceptional client service and performance. That benchmark is a Net Promoter Score (NPS®) of 50 or more.

Speaking about the rigour of the selection process for the Most Trusted Advisers network, Dr Adam Tucker, Director of Beddoes Institute said, “The NPS® is a powerful loyalty metric which has been linked to profitability and growth in a wide range of businesses. An NPS® higher than zero is regarded as ‘good’ while an NPS® of 50+ is regarded as excellent. Advisers must achieve an NPS® of 50 or more in order to qualify for membership of the Most Trusted Advisers network.”

The survey is the Beddoes Institute’s Client Experience Survey, part of the Beddoes Institute’s Leading Practices Program. “Most Trusted Advisers deliver significantly better outcomes to their clients,” Dr Tucker said. “Their clients believe they are more on track with their financial plan and are financially better off as a result of working with their adviser compared to clients of other financial advisers.”

Most Trusted Advisers also rated higher on their qualifications, experience and technical skills than other advisers and have better interpersonal skills, Dr Tucker said.

Talking about their selection in the network, Ms Greeve said she was delighted to be admitted to the Most Trusted Advisers Network. “We pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships with our clients and for our clients to respond so strongly to the Beddoes survey is a testament to these relationships.

Consumers can source Ms Greeve’s details through the network via the free Most Trusted Advisers App, which has now been approved by Apple. “The App allows consumers to in effect crowdsource an adviser they can trust. It’s a little bit like being able to talk to thousands of neighbours over the back fence about how to find an adviser they can trust.”

About The Most Trusted Advisers Network and Beddoes Institute


Beddoes Institute is a trusted data and benchmarking powerhouse that works across all major stakeholder groups in the financial services sector, including licensees, financial advice practices, professional bodies and insurance providers.  Benchmark data is used (inter alia) to produce thought leadership publications, industry white papers and custom reports. Beddoes Institute has a long history of research and benchmarking in financial services and other industries and is not owned or funded by any financial advice group or institution. The founders of Beddoes Institute have been involved in research and benchmarking for 15 years across many industry sectors and Beddoes Institute has been in business since 2006. Beddoes Institute conducts business performance measurement and benchmarking for financial advice practices and provides independent assessments and metrics that help advisers improve service delivery, profitability and the long-term sustainability of their businesses.  Beddoes Institute also conducts rigorous, scientific audits of financial advisers, providing an independent assessment of their strengths and weaknesses enabling them to improve their practice based on objective client feedback.  As a result of listening to and measuring the ratings from thousands of advisers’ clients, Beddoes Institute is able to offer consumers’ access to the Most Trusted Advisers Register – including some of Australia’s best advisers.


Beddoes Institute is independently owned and operated and the Most Trusted Advisers initiative has not been funded by any financial advice or financial services company or association.



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